About Us

About BowTie Medical

BowTie Medical was formed in 2013 under the premise that the healthcare system in the U.S. is broken. It is broken because it is based upon a Hospital Based System where the profits are made when the patients remain sick. No one is rewarded for staying healthy. This is wrong.

The founders formed BowTie Medical around a Value-Based, Customer-Centered Healthcare System.  In the BowTie Model, there are no patients.  We have customers or members.  Read through the rest of our website to better understand how our philosophy saves money and makes healthy customers. This works because the customer is now empowered to control their health and their costs.

Where did the BowTie come from?

The origin of BowTie as the name came from the philosophy of a servant’s approach.  A butler or a waiter wears a bow tie and serves people.  Our approach is to be the servant to the customer; thus, BowTie Medical.