BowTie TeleHealth

BowTie TeleHealth

Finally, all the Medical Care you need, but without the high cost and lost time. Save thousands of dollars and a ton of time with the BowTie Telehealth Membership Program.

See a Care Provider (Doctor, PA, or NP) over your PC or smartphone! And your scripts called into your local Pharmacy.

Call now to enroll: 877-283-8863

Who is BowTie and What is Their TeleHealth Membership Program?

We are a comprehensive, person-centered, Primary Care practice that employs TeleHealth to:
• Widen our unique cost savings model
• Improve communication between you and your care provider, and
• Conveniently bring better healthcare to our members.

The BowTie TeleHealth Program is a membership based medical partnering wellness and financial accountability program. Our program is conducted over your PC or smartphone. It is totally unique and extremely innovative in its cost savings and reach because we combine our Telehealth with Health Sharing. We are on the forefront of a new medical movement!

The BowTie Telehealth Membership Program:
• Dramatically reduces your medical costs
• Significantly increases your healthcare accessibility,
• Markedly enhances your lifestyle, and
• Quantifiably improves your health

How does the BowTie TeleHealth work?

mom-babyImagine this; you have a doctor’s appointment for a simple check-up. But instead of gathering your children, getting into your car, and driving to the office and waiting around for hours, you go to your dining room table and log in to a secure site on your PC or smartphone and you visit with your doctor.

Instead of waiting for hours to see your Provider, you are relaxed in your own home. The week before, you went to a local lab and got your blood drawn there. You didn’t wait at all, and it cost you 40% less! Your doctor or PA now looks at your lab results and discusses them with you. You may even have your own auto blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter. Your vitals are relayed to your Provider and depending on the results and findings, you now got some new prescriptions, which were called into your local pharmacy. Boom, Done!

You just saved a hundred dollars and a boatload of time! That’s BowTie TeleHealth!

The BowTie TeleHealth Membership Program is for you if:
• You want medical care without traveling to a healthcare facility.
• You want easy, around-the-clock-access to medical help.
• There is no need to go to a physician’s office for a minor, recurring ailment.
• You don’t want to pay for a visit to a physician, emergency department or urgent care clinic.
• You are concerned about exposure to other patients’ illnesses.
• You want the ability to receive medical care but taking time off work is not possible.

The focus and goal is singular: To make you healthier, to save you money, and to demonstrate compassion and care with excellent communication!

We are driven to put the control of healthcare, and its expensive costs, back into your hands so that you are healthier and your medical costs go down.

The BowTie TeleHealth program uses the innovative services of the BowTie Medical membership program and combines it with the philosophy and tremendous affordability and cost savings of a Health Sharing community. Health Sharing is not insurance and has none of the constraints of insurance; nor does it have the inefficient cost ballooning of insurance or Obamacare.

That is why this is much less expensive for you and why we use it as our financial model for your healthcare.