Wholistic Medicine


Wholistic Medicine

We are a comprehensive, Person Centered, Primary Care practice. The BowTie Whole Health Program (Wholistic Medicine) is a membership based, full-scope, essential, medical partnering wellness and financial accountability program. It is totally unique and extremely innovative. We are on the forefront of a medical movement!

Wholistic Medicine focus’ on the ‘Whole’ person. Body, Mind, and Soul (and wallet) for the outcome of a totally healthy being. We use Integrative Medicine, Homeopathy, Osteopathic Manipulation, Nutritional Services, and TeleHealth which incorporates Mental Health issues, to work towards the goal of a totally healthy member.

The focus and goal is singular: To make you healthier and to save you money! We are driven to put the control of healthcare, and its expensive costs, back into your hands, so that you are healthier and your medical costs go down.

BowTie Whole Health is a new program and provides a very self-directed, wholistic form of medical care where you are in a partnership with your BowTie Provider.

Active Member Participation

Our model demands active, involved participation by you, the member.  If you are not willing to be actively involved in your own care and costs, then perhaps the BowTie Wholistic model is not for you.

BowTie Medical believe that you, the individual, have the obligation to be in control of your health choices and your spending for those health choices.

With our Wholistic Medicine approach, you will.

With our Wholistic Medicine approach, you will first learn more about your health, your choices, and the impact you currently have on your health and your medical spend because of your choices. Then you will learn how to change the negative lifestyle choices into good lifestyle choices that will improve your health and decrease your medical spend, and, more importantly, give you Control over your health!

Our Wholistic Approach is not only refreshing, but it is freeing! Freeing the member from the ignorance, costs, and burdens of the Hospital-Centered Sick-care System.

CLICK HERE to listen to a radio interview with the executive director of Liberty Health Share and BowTie Whole Health.

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BowTie Medical is committed to providing our customers with the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford.