Consulting Services


BowTie Medical’s Consulting Services

Our consulting services are geared toward Health Sharing organizations, Self-funded health insurance, and traditional Health Insurance companies who want to provide 3 outcomes:

  • Lower costs for everyone
  • Healthier members
  • Improved relations and a better customer experience for all members

We are uniquely qualified to accomplish these goals because we are perhaps the only healthcare consulting firm in the nation which provide these 4 services:

  • Care:  We have clinics where patients come to see us and we offer nationwide 24 / 7 Telehealth services.
  • Advice: Members call for medical advice as well as for efficient pricing of procedures and labs.  Our call-center also provides Utilization Review Management (UR) services for tens of thousands of members.
  • Wellness: Wellness programs that proactively work to get members healthier, and physiologically younger, which benefits everyone.
  • Data: Exhaustive data crunching and data analytics that not only show where money is being spent, but it shows where money is being wasted, and it predicts where future monies will be spent.

In short, we prove the BowTie Medical model of ‘pay less, be healthy’.  And then we go on and prove the model of making members physiologically younger.

If you are a health sharing organization, a self-funded health insurance provider, or an insurance company that is looking to truly lower costs, make members healthier, and want the data analytics to prove it, then please call 877-283-8863 ext 118 and ask for Matt Minarik, PA-C.