Healthcare is Broken


Healthcare System is Broken in the US

Healthcare System is Broken in the US BowTie Medical believes the healthcare system in the US is broken, and we know how to fix it!

Our founders realized years ago, in working at large, Hospital-based systems, that the care people receive is too often not to their benefit, and that there is an extraordinary amount of money being wasted. So, we have set out to change the current, ‘Sick-care system’ to a ‘Value-based, Customer-centered Healthcare System’ at BowTie Medical.

Our slogan is ‘Pay less, be healthy’.  We practice this new philosophy of a Value Based, Customer-Centered Healthcare instead of the current Hospital Centered ‘Sick-care.’  From this philosophy, Bow-Tie Medical continues to improve the health of their members and lower costs.  It’s about time!

Stats to Conjure:

Our healthcare system in the United States spends over $3 Trillion a year! Our US military, which is the best in the world, spends just 1/6 of that amount, or almost $600 Million! Yes, our healthcare system spends 6 times that of our military!
Our total GDP last year was $18.5 Trillion (the highest in the world). So, healthcare took up 17% of our economy! Our spend on healthcare is almost the size of the 4th largest GDP in the world! Germany’s GDP is $3.5 Trillion and our healthcare is $3.2 Trillion! We spend more on healthcare than 132 nation’s COMBINED GDP!

And it is reported that a full 1/3 of our healthcare spend is total waste! One Trillion Dollars is wasted every year. Not only is the waste greater than the US Military spend, but it also is equal to the total GNP of South Korea, which has the 11th largest GDP in the world! That’s just waste!

What’s worse, is that it doesn’t work. The ‘sick care’ system doesn’t work. The number 3 cause of death in the United States is hospital medical mistakes! So, the patient died but the hospital survived!

Would you buy a car without knowing the cost of the car? No. But we constantly go into a hospital for a surgery or procedure without knowing what it costs. We have been removed from our Primary Care Provider and from the actual costs of medical care. We think this is a travesty.

The Answer:

Our model states that everyone should get rewarded for keeping people healthy: The doctor, you, and any insurance or sharing type companies.  In fact, Doctors and hospitals should not get rewarded when you are sick, which they do under the current system.  The incentive is not for you to get healthy, but for you to stay sick because that’s how they make money.  There is no financial incentive to get a patient healthy in the hospital based care system.   If anything is sick, it’s this system.

That is why BowTie Medical works with Health Sharing organizations and self-insured organizations to help get their members healthier and save everyone money.  Our system works!  In our short history, we have saved millions of dollars for our members and our clients, and our members are healthier and off many medications! BowTie Medical practices what it preaches because we have clinics where we employ the same philosophy, locally, to our members.  We make money, when our members are healthy.

This approach is rapidly growing, sweeping the nation, and the movement is exciting and intoxicating. This is a train that cannot be stopped.  We hope you can come and join us and jump on this train that has already left the station – don’t worry, we’ll stop the train so you can board — the train that is heading to a customer based healthcare system; and its destination? – Pay less and be healthy.