Member Advisory Services


Member Advisory Services

The BowTie Medical Member Advisory Services save money for our members and our clients in two major ways.

First, our call center takes calls to advise the individual members on medical advice.

Our client’s members call us to ‘get a second opinion’ or to verify that they need all the imaging and lab studies that the specialist or PCP is requesting. Many times, we can recommend that the same information can be gathered with less tests or less costly tests. This has saved our members and our clients millions of dollars and improved the experience of the members by eliminating some uncomfortable or invasive testing.

We encourage members to use our ‘Call First’ program before doing ANYTHING medical; including going to their PCP for any reason. With Call First, the member is financially incented to use our Advisory services and if there is a savings, then the member and our clients benefit. Now, for example, a $450 MRI of the knee can be done at a local, private diagnostic company instead of the Hospital based MRI which costs $3,300!

Secondly, we support ‘Medical Necessity’ for both Providers and for members.

Providers will call us to verify that the procedure or test they are requesting will be paid for by our client. At that time, we negotiate a better price or even question the necessity of some or all of the tests. This, too, has saved our clients and our members, additional millions of dollars of unnecessary or inflated pricing.

The BowTie Medical Advisory team uses the latest medical guidelines to understand cost coverage and negotiate the best rates on behalf of our clients and our members. We have a database of millions of claims to provide the most cost efficient pricing available for our members and our clients.

Using BowTie Medical’s Advisory Services dramatically lowers costs, eliminates waste, and improves the customer experience for the members.

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