Care Advice

Care Advice

With BowTie Medical Advisory Services, members have a trusted ear that they can talk to.

Our nurses listen!

Our members and our client’s members are encouraged to ‘Call First’ for an opinion on every medical decision before they go off and possibly get the wrong test or waste money.

We offer 24 / 7 Nurse Triage TeleHealth that allows members to get an opinion from an experienced RN whose job is to not just send the member off to the Emergency Department or Urgent Care clinic.   In fact, our service, diverts 67% of members who would traditionally go to the ER!

And our service also has treatment and pricing options for our members and our client’s members.  (see Save Money link).   This has been a wonderful resource for members as it has saved millions of dollars of potential waste!

Look at the MRI example below:

An MRI of the knee, with and without contrast, is shown below:

This MRI of the knee uses the exact same equipment.  But one is $3,000 more than the other!  Yet, these two facilities are just a few miles from each other.   Why such disparity in price?  The expensive one is in a hospital that has a lot of bills it must pay and the low cost one is a private company with low overhead.

Here, we were able to save our member money from their AUA or deductible, and for our client, we saved them thousands of dollars!

Not only that, but we are able to schedule the appointment for the member right then and there which assures the savings.