Save Money


Save Money

With BowTie Consulting and Advisory Services, both our clients and our members (and our client’s members) save money from an ecosystem of services.

The services we offer our clients are based around providers and hospitals calling in to verify pricing and approval for payments and we provide advice to our client’s members, as well as our own members, on what is reasonable pricing and where they can find the best pricing for most anything medically related; whether it is for labs, procedures, diagnostic testing, primary care or specialists visits, or emergency room visits.  We negotiate EVERYTHING.  And we always save money from the ‘listed’ price.

Sometimes, even after our clients have agreed to a price, we have still gotten the hospital to further lower the price.   We are aggressive to get the lowest pricing which has saved our clients and members tens of millions of dollars!

As well, we have a database of millions of pricing precedents that institutions must accept.  As well, we have software that scours the area for the best price with the highest quality work.

For example, an MRI of the knee, with and without contrast, is shown below:

This MRI of the knee uses the exact same equipment.  But one is $3,000 more than the other!  Yet, these two facilities are just a few miles from each other.   Why such disparity in price?  The expensive one is in a hospital that has a lot of bills it must pay and the low cost one is a private company with low overhead.

Here, we were able to save our member money from their AUA or deductible, and for our client, we saved them thousands of dollars!

Not only that, but we are able to schedule the appointment for the member right then and there which assures the savings.

Call First:  We have a program with some of our clients that has financial incentives for the members to ‘Call First’ before going to any specialist or any lab work or procedure.  With our Call First program, items and issues like the above MRI example come in to play and everyone wins (except the hospital).

Yes, we save our clients and our client’s members, and our members, millions of dollars.

To learn more about our programs around:

  • Pre-pricing agreements and negotiation
  • After pricing negotiations, and
  • Call First for members,

Please call 1-877-283-8863.