Health Profile Assessment

How healthy are you? If you were to take five different doctors and ask them how healthy any one person is, you may get five different answers. Our Health Profile Assessment (HPA) takes the subjective guesswork out of that question and quantifies the answer scientifically.

How Good Is Our HPA?

There are many HPA’s out there (you may have heard them called HRA for Health Risk Assessment), and many of them focus on either giving you advice on what to do to better your health, or they give you a biological or physiological age based on statistics from other studies.   Some even combine both of these studies.

But those still fall short. 

Our HPA, we believe, is the best in the world.  The reason why ours is the best is because it is the only one to combine five powerful metrics into one, integrative, quantifiable analysis. These five are:

  • Morbidity studies
  • Mortality studies
  • Current and Past medical history
  • Lab values
  • Socioeconomic Position (SEP)

Some studies focus on only morbidity, and some focus only on mortality, some, which are insurance based, often only focus on Current and Past Medical history, but no one, but us, combines all three of those and infuses lab work and SEP into the mix. This integration of all five areas gives the most comprehensive and accurate HPA found anywhere in the world.

OK; So, What?

Good question.  Because data without action is dead, and so we make this data come alive.  From this report, every member gets a ‘score’ and is given a color compliment to that score – either Green, Yellow, or Red.  From there, we assign a life coach who determines the help, and the frequency of that help, the member needs to improve their health.

Physiologic Age?

There are many ‘Anti-Aging’ Clinics out there and we are not one of them. We don’t fall into that category. Too many times, these clinics are set up to just pump steroids into people for high cost and the promise of the fountain of youth. We don’t promise that. Our goal is simple, ‘Pay less, be healthy.’

So, our life coach will assign different parts of the care team to the individual person depending on their morbidities and health level and works to get them healthier. Will their physiological age come down? Most probably – but so what? (Now, we get to ask that question.)

Our goal is improved health, and lowered cost through participation in our Wellness Program. And we will prove that the member’s health is improved with a subsequent HPA done after we have met some goals. When the next HPA is done, the member will see a better score (a younger physiological age) and their health care costs will be decreased.
This is very powerful!

– – –

To learn more about our HPA, call 877-283-8863 ext 118 and ask for Matt Minarik, PA-C.