Are We Different?

Why Is BowTie Medical’s Clinical Practice Different?

We are a comprehensive, Person Centered, Primary Care practice that aims to improve the delivery of health care to our customers and members via accessibility, advice, and a focus on wellness, not illness.

Our practice is Wholistic in our approach. This means that we care for the whole person and look at every aspect of their life to get them healthier and back in control of their health and the costs that go with that.

At BowTie Medical, we take the position that the current healthcare system is broken. We have the fix. Our slogan is ‘Pay less, be healthy’. We practice Customer-Centered, Value Based Medicine.

Our founders realized, first hand, from observing the care of the patients and the waste in the system that the current healthcare system is broken.   BowTie Medical is one of the pioneer clinics in the concept of Customer-centered, Value Based Medicine where we get rewarded for the member (we have no patients) being healthier and lowering their medical spend.

What does that mean?

Customer-centered, Value Based Medicine is where you, the patient (and to us you are a ‘Customer’ or ‘Member’) receive good value for the money you pay.

Dr. Daneshgari states that the current medical system should be called ‘The Sick Care System’ and not ‘The Health Care System’ because in the current sick care system, the Hospitals and Doctors make money when you are sick. They don’t make money when you are healthy.

At BowTie Medical, we think that you should save money when you are healthy and we think we should only make money to get you healthy and to keep you healthy.

Our focus is enveloped around you having Control of your health, being healthier, and becoming physiologically younger.

When you have control of your health, you become physiologically younger, you are healthier, your health risks decrease, and the amount of money you spend on healthcare decreases. You are happier, wealthier, have more personal control and options, and your life is better.

This goal of you becoming physiologically younger is accomplished through:

  • Establishing your benchmark health profile that can be quantified,
  • Educating you on the specific areas that need to be addressed to reduce the risks, and then addressing and attacking those areas of risks together,
  • Then we periodically quantify the progress we achieve together so that you become much more aware of all your health choices and the costs that come from them.

We do this by working in a partnership agreement with you around three areas:

  • Care,
  • Advice and
  • Medical Spend.

In that, BowTie assumes a ‘servant’ role to our members. In this role, we help, we guide, and we teach you how to lower your physiological age.  We are also your single point of contact for medical advice to give you an integrated, coordinated point of care for all your medical needs. Our model is a membership based model where we call our members, ‘customers’.

The difference between you being a ‘patient’ and you being a ‘customer’ is dramatic.  Customers have power and choices and knowledge and can take their dollar anywhere.  A patient, however, is usually ignorant of the costs and who gets paid what.  The patient is controlled by the insurance company and the hospital system.   This is not an efficient model for your health or your wallet.  BowTie will turn that all around!

We are a membership based practice.  Consider becoming a member and realizing all the healthy and cost saving benefits of a Customer-centered, value-based medical group where you; Pay less and be healthy.