BowTie Medical’s Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic treatment is a safe, natural way to treat “disease.” To Homeopathic practitioners, the word “disease” is used to define any ailment or disorder.

This is Different

Homeopathic treatment is not like taking a prescription or an over-the-veredunter drug (OTC) and having results within a very short time.  The longer a person has had an issue, the longer it will take for the body to cure that problem.  Yes, you read that right, ‘The body’ to cure that problem.  Homeopaths believe that healing comes from the inside – from the body.

Taking drugs masks symptoms, and when the medication is discontinued, the symptoms usually return because they are not cured. It’s like putting a finger in a dike.  When you pull out the finger, the leak is still there.

Our Goal – Slow and Steady…

With the use of drugs, symptoms often become more severe over time and will occur more frequently.  The goal of homeopathy is to wipe out those symptoms – cure them without the use of chemicals.  For example, allergies gradually dissipate and are totally gone within a couple of years.  Migraine headaches dramatically disappear.   Sinusitis eases and doesn’t return.  Anxiety, depression, myalgia, constipation, and arthritis are all examples of “diseases” that can be cured.  Physical and emotional problems gradually improve.  Slow, steady, gradual improvement is the homeopathic patient’s experience.

Unlike traditional medicine, (also referred to as “allopathic” medicine), the remedy is usually dosed only one time.    It is dosed only one time because the remedy itself does not heal the disease, the remedy stimulates the body to activate the immune system which heals “disease.”  In order to understand this process, think of a guitar.  It cannot produce sounds unless the strings vibrate.  The best music is produced when the strings are correctly vibrated.  Likewise, when the body’s immune system is not functioning well, it needs to be “vibrated” correctly.  The homeopathic remedy stimulates (vibrates) the immune system so that the sour notes disappear and the body is able to play a harmonious song.  This healing takes place because the body has an inherent ability to heal itself; sometimes it just needs a little help.

What Makes BowTie Homeopathy Different?
20 Years Combined Experience

Joan Brower is our most experienced Homeopathic Practitioner with 15 years’ experience and Dr. Kelli Buckner, DO, has 5 years’ experience that makes BowTie Medical’s Homeopathic team one of the best in the area and one of the only ones in the area that has the ‘back-up’ of allopathic medicine.  Matt Minarik, MS, PA-C is a new member of the team to assist both Joan and Dr. Buckner.

To learn more, Call 877-283-8863 ext 110 and ask for Monica.