Nutritional Services

Nutritional Services

We work with local University Nutrition and Dietetics Departments to provide the highest quality of nutritional advice that can be found anywhere in the area.’

Many chronic diseases can actually be managed by diet and nutrition instead of medications.  Did you know that even insulin dependent diabetics can many times be totally off their insulin within months by having the proper diet and exercise plan?  We believe that most all health begins with the gut.  We place a very high emphasis on making sure your nutrition is the best it can be.  We even have the nutritionist go to the grocery store with our members to teach them how to shop.  And it works!

Weight Loss

You don’t need a pill. You don’t need expensive gym equipment. You just need a good plan with a good coach and you can achieve any goals you want.

For more information on our Nutritional services call 877-283-8863 ext 118 and ask for Matt Minarik, PA-C