Osteopathic Manipulation


Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a system of hands-on diagnosis and treatment that is exclusive to Osteopathic Physicians (D.O.), and performed by our Dr. Kelli Buckner, DO, of BowTie Medical. 

These manual treatments come in a variety of styles and techniques all of which are geared toward restoring proper structure, function and balance to the body.

How can OMT help?

OMT treatments restore proper function by balancing the structures and relieving tension patterns in the body.  This can be helpful for a variety of conditions including aches and pains, digestive problems, balance problems, injuries and many other acute and chronic conditions.

Who benefits from OMT?

The short answer: Everyone! Adults, children and infants all benefit from OMT.  Gentle techniques can be used to help infants with feeding issues from colic, traumatic births, tongue and lip tie, pleigiocephaly (flat or misshapen heads), torticollis (tight neck muscles) and many other conditions.  Adults and older children can benefit from a variety of techniques for a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

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