About BowTie

An integrated healthcare provider that is bringing innovation to our healthcare system.

A Revolutionary Approach

Our current U.S. healthcare system is a broken system. It is a sick care system that focuses it limited resources treating people after they have been diagnosed with a medical issue, as opposed to proactively helping people live healthy, full lives. Our current system benefits from people having chronic medical conditions.

Founded in 2013, BowTie Medical set out to improve care and address waste in the US healthcare system. As an integrated healthcare provider, BowTie defines success by improvements in its member’s health status and not the revenue that it generates through tests, procedures and hospital admissions.

Our Mission

Your healthcare starts with our Triple Aim Promise of engaging our members, improving their health and helping them save money. With a philosophy that put’s the member’s health first, BowTie Medical is empowering our members to live full, healthy lives.
Surgeon - Educator - Entrepreneur

Dr. Firouz Daneshgari

Dr. Daneshgari is a surgeon, educator and entrepreneur, who has a passion for bringing innovation to health care.  He has published more than 200 scientific articles, led numerous scientific and clinical panels and trained hundreds of students, residents, fellows and junior faculty.  While working at the Cleveland Clinic Dr. Daneshgari founded the first fellowship program in Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Daneshgari went on to become Chairman of Urology at Case Western Reserve University. In that role he founded University Hospital’s Urology Institute, which rapidly rose in U.S. News and World report rankings.  In less than 3 years the Urology Institute became one the top 10 clinical departments receiving NIH funding in the United States.

In 2012 Dr. Daneshgari founded BowTie Medical, an integrated provider of health care.  BowTie Medical brings efficiency and value to the system by reducing waste and improving the health of individuals. Under his leadership BowTie Medical has developed and grown a number of innovative products and services. 


Why Can’t We Have It All?

The Missing Pieces in Our Healthcare.

This podcast series focuses on why we have a healthcare system that has all the resources it needs to be successful but still falls short. The series addresses the deficiencies in our system and explores the challenges of cost vs. effectiveness as it relates to medical care. As we strive to look for ways to keep our families healthy and make informed financial decisions, this series sets out to answer the question “Why Can’t We Have It All?”

Bowtie Model Health Guardianship

In this session, our hosts discuss the BowTie Health Guardianship model of healthcare and its desired details that will help lead to longevity and consistently healthier people.