Our Philosophy

BowTie Medical is an organization that aims to integrate three prongs of "care", "advice" and "savings" in order to improve the health of an individual and reduce cost by reducing waste, eliminating unnecessary care, and restoring control of health care to the individual customer as a member.
As a result, our founders decided it was time to do something about it. So they came up with the radical idea that it was time to build a business that provides access, transparency, and affordability and puts individual health care back in the hands of the customer. In sum, it is time to bring the “customerization” of health care back. With a philosophy that puts the customer’s health ahead of everything, coupled with cutting edge technology, BowTie Medical is doing just that.
Informed Customer
Ultimately, it is the empowered consumer who could bring the needed efficiencies to the health care market by functioning as an informed customer who has control over the entire process of selection and purchase of health care services.
Improvement in the health and wellbeing of individuals is possible and achievable through guidance, shared engagement and incentives alignments with providers.
Health and Wealth
Health and Wealth go hand in hand, as healthiness and wellbeing are lifelong pursuits for individuals and they are impacted by an individual’s physical, social and emotional determinants of health.
The health system should not center around a sick care system including hospitals, drugs and procedures. It should prioritize individuals and their families, who are capable of making decisions about their needs if provided tools and evidence, supported by financially aligned providers and advisors.
Non-Wasteful Spending
BTM supports the evidence that up to 50% of current health care spending is ‘waste,’ in which providers benefit by ordering unnecessary tests and treatment. The entire industry has forgotten who the real customer is, and too many middlemen have all but interfered in the doctor-patient relationship.
We embrace holistic, person centered care including alternative and traditional sources. We place a high value on nurses, health coaches, nutritionists, fitness advisors, counselors, advisors and the resources that families have found to be useful in their pursuit of health and wellness.
Improve Connectivity
BTM invests more in clicks and virtual connectivity than in buildings, ensuring delivery of high quality, efficient care to our members when and where they need it.
Improving Lives
The BTM philosophy defines success by improvements in an individual’s health status, reduction in procedures, tests, admissions and their costs and savings we would generate for our member and their employers.

How It Works

True Doctoring

Our professionals — doctors and nurses — join BowTie Medical because of a shared philosophy to make the delivery of health care the best that it can be. Both skilled and compassionate, they are passionate about their work and their relationship with our members, so are unwilling to compromise on the care they give our patients. At BowTie Medical, every member gets to spend as much time with a provider as she or he needs. We do not measure our success based on volume, but the quality of care we provide our customers. This is what ‘True Doctoring’ should be and it is what we offer in our BowTie Model.

No More Unnecessary Care

No More Unnecessary Care: Our members receive proactive and honest management of chronic or acute health conditions. Honesty means BowTie Medical is rebuilding a system where everybody benefits when our customers and members remain healthy, not through unnecessary tests and bundled care. On those occasions that an outside specialist or tests are needed, we will find you the care you need at a ‘fair price’ without sacrificing quality. We want, and will help you achieve, the best possible outcomes.

Medical Advisory

Following guidelines of medical societies and advanced data analytics allows BowTie Medical to conduct medical risk stratification and individual health coordination that enables BowTie Medical professionals to identify clinical interventions that are most effective for managing costs and utilization.


01. How is BowTie Medical different?
At BowTie Medical, we believe that the customerization of health care needs to be restored. By cutting out the middlemen, our medical professionals are able to provide care that is not only affordable and accessible, but personal. Instead of the current “fee-for-service” model, we have designed a business model that encourages empowerment, wellness, and transparency.
02. How much does membership cost?
BowTie Medical has an array of plans. Whether it is a plan offered in partnership with your employer, or an individual membership plan for you or your entire family, we have different programs to fit your needs and budget.
03. I understand that I can access my providers any time, but what if I’m traveling ?
With BowTie Portal, you are connected to our providers 24/7. Whether you are down the street or on the other side of the globe, we are available to answer your questions and address your concerns.
04. How are BowTie Medical providers able to spend so much time with their patients?
Large hospitals are gobbling up practices at an alarming rate, and their Providers are pressured to fill a quota that includes how many patients are seen during the day, how many tests are ordered, and how many procedures are performed. According to Kaiser Health News, “Some physicians who work for hospitals say they’ve been asked to see patients every 11 minutes. ” With no fat CEO salary or extravagant buildings to pay for, our providers can spend the time necessary to take care of customers’ health needs.
05. Can BowTie’s Providers Handle All My Health Care Needs?
BowTie Medical provides a wide variety of health care services, but not all. That is why we provide advisory services so you can be connected to specialists for those conditions that require expertise that is outside of our domain. They will find you qualified specialist at a fair price.

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