Employer Solutions

Create a Healthy, Productive workforce while lowering your employee’s healthcare costs.

BowTie Medical is bringing innovation to the market by offering employer’s comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare solutions.

When employers add BowTie’s Virtual Comprehensive Care to self-funded or medical cost sharing programs, they are offering healthcare plans that used to be available only to large employers.

When you include BowTie’s VCC with self-funded insurance or medical sharing programs, everyone is aligned to improve health and lower the overall cost of care.

Self-Funded Insurance

BowTie Medical has created an innovative insurance solution that provides comprehensive and cost-effective coverage for small and medium-sized businesses. These self-funded plans are designed to provide employers with more choices in plan design and greater control of cost.  BowTie is funding the collateral needs and other upfront costs associated with developing self-insured benefit program, so BowTie Medical is in alignment with your interests in lowering the overall cost of care and maintaining a healthy, productive workforce.

Medical Cost Sharing

The Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community is a membership based non-insurance community of like-minded individuals established for the purpose of sharing legitimate healthcare expenses between its members. BowTie works with Sedera to help their members achieve better health outcomes and lower the overall cost of care. BowTie Medical provides Virtual Comprehensive Care while the Sedera Community provides support during major medical events. Together BowTie and Sedera deliver affordable, high-quality health care from start to finish.


The good karma rewards program leverages the relationships our Health Guardians have with our members. When members need medical care and services—everything from routine bloodwork to an expensive surgery, the Guardians are there to help them find high quality providers that offer fair medical pricing. Members are then rewarded when they make informed financial decisions that benefit their group.