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BowTie Medical, a health care company based in Broadview Heights Ohio, has created a “Safely Back to Work” Program to assist employers in getting their employees back to work safely. A key element to the program is rapid antibody testing.

Rapid Antibody Testing lets you know if your employee has a level of immunity against COVID-19. This information is helpful when creating a “Back to Work” strategy for
your company.

BowTie Medical has implemented a high-volume drive through testing facility in Cuyahoga County to assist employers with getting their employees tested for potential immunity. The testing is covered by most health insurance plans. The facility will be open in Mid May.

Please use the form on the right to notify us that you are interested in testing or to ask questions or express concerns to our COVID-19 testing support team. We would like to answer all of your questions and, if possible, compile all relevant answers to share with the community.

*Testing is covered by most health insurance plans.

Review the Ohio Department of Health Return to Work checklist to learn more about all the necessary steps businesses should take to continue business safely. This is located at the following link:

Back to Work Safely Webinar

On Friday, May 8th, our executive staff and physicians hosted a webinar to inform businesses in the Broadview Heights community on the steps to go back to work safely. Watch this presentation below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the test cost?
The cost of having a test is $100. That is the cost for one person. Many insurance companies are reimbursing for these tests. You will need to check with your own health plan to see if and how much they might reimburse for the test.
Who pays for the test?
Companies that want their employees tested are able to process the payments utilizing two methods. Employers can provide full payment for employees to be tested prior to the implementation of the program, and have the option to be reimbursed from insurance through their employees. Alternatively, employers can allow their employees to sign up using our individual testing portal. After the testing procedure is completed employees can request a Superbill from BowTie Medical which can be used to submit to insurance for reimbursement along with any refunds the employer would like to provide to the employee.
What is rapid anti-body testing?
The COVID-19 lgG and lgM Rapid Serology Fingerstick Antibody Test Kit is used for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in whole blood, serum, or plasma. The fingerstick is easy to administer and offers reliable results in 10 minutes.
Who is doing the testing?
BowTie Medical, an Ohio based healthcare company, will coordinate and complete testing at their facility in Broadview Heights Ohio. BowTie Medical may coordinate and train other healthcare facilities and qualified employers to perform testing for additional communities as the need arises.
Are the tests FDA authorized?
Yes! The FDA is granting emergency authorization to some companies, one of which is HealGen Scientific, the manufacturer of the tests that BowTie Medical is using. The testing kit we use to conduct rapid antibody tests was officially added to the FDA’s list of products with Emergency Use Authorization (“EUA”) . For more information, including access to official FDA listing, please visit the link provided: bowtiemedical.com/rapid-antibody-testing/
How accurate are the tests?
Test accuracy is graded by sensitivity and specificity. The closer these numbers are to 100%, the more accurate the test is. The rapid test being used by BowTie Medical is between 96.7-100% sensitive and 97.5-100% specific.
How is the testing done?
The test is a finger stick test with a small amount of blood drawn. To view a 1 minute video on how the testing is performed, visit our website: BowTieMedical.Com/EmployerTesting
Where is the testing done?
There are currently two testing sites for the SBWP in Broadview Heights and Lyndhurst. Employers with greater than 50 employees have the option of being testing at their employment location. The addresses for BowTie Medical's testing facilities for the Broadview Heights is: and Lyndhurst locations are: 7750 Town Centre Dr, Broadview Heights, OH 44147 and 29001 Cedar Road Lyndhurst, OH 44124

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