Get Rewarded for Saving Money and Reducing Out-of-pocket Expense

Good karma is generated when individuals take positive actions that save themselves and their communities money. At BowTie Medical we are committed to lowering the overall cost of health care, so we have developed the good karma program to rewards members when they take steps to keep the cost of their healthcare down.

Why Pay More the Same Thing?

Prices for care and services can vary greatly.

Chest MRI

(CPT 71550)
$1,451 – $3,112


(CPT 45380)
$2,474 – $4,475

Cataract Removal

(CPT 66982)
$5,193 – $10,332
Source: www.fairhealthconsumer.org
Note: FAIR Health's estimates are based on their collection of 35 BILLION healthcare claims for 10,000+ services in all areas of the U.S.

Available Rewards

The good karma rewards program provides incentives for members when they seek out and use fair medical pricing providers. Rewards could include reducing or waiving deductibles for big ticket items or gift cards for more routine services such as x-rays or bloodwork. In addition to individual rewards, good karma rewards are available at year-end when the larger community achieves its cost-saving goals.


good karma Merch


Retail Gift Cards


Deductible Reductions


good karma Rewards – Health Guardians

It isn’t always about going to providers with the lowest prices. BowTie’s Health Guardians are there to help members make informed decisions and navigate through our complex health system. Acting as case managers, the Guardians guide members to avoid unnecessary care, find fair medical pricing providers and negotiate pricing with hospitals and specialists. 

Guardians are also there to help you generate as much good karma as possible!