Healthshare / Individuals FAQs

Who is BowTie Medical?

BowTie Medical (BTM) is an integrated medical provider that was formed in 2014. BTM started providing virtual care PC — pre-Covid, and currently has approximately 2,000 members in 36 states. For more information about BTM please visit

From a care perspective what makes BowTie different?

BTM Physicians are not measured on revenue generation. BTM Physicians are held accountable for making medical recommendations that are in the best interest of the member, balancing necessary care with paying fair market prices. 

Are members assigned to a dedicated care team?

Yes. Each member that joins BTM is assigned to a care team that includes Doctors, Nurses, Mental Health Professionals and Health Guardians. 

An important part of your care team are the Guardians. Guardians work with members to understand their medical history, their family’s medical history and any other factors that might impact their health. As a trusted advisor, Guardians are there to ensure that members get access to high-quality care with fair pricing. 

What type of training & qualifications do your Guardians have?

Our Guardians will range with training and experience from a Medical Assistant to behavior coach / counselor to Registered Nurses / LPN’s. In addition to medical training, our Guardians are empowered to provide superior customer service by acting as problem-solvers. Guardians play an instrumental role in enhancing the member experience. 

How do you handle member engagement?

We have mapped out the step-by-step member experience and use a combination of phone, text, and web-based interfaces to make the experience easy-to-use for members. As much as we prefer fully engaged members who properly register, BTM recognizes that needs drive engagement and we are fully prepared to help members in their times of need. 

Change to What happens if I already have an outside primary care doctor or specialist (OBGYN, dermatologist, etc.) that I want to continue to see?

Members are in total control with regards to what doctors they choose to see and BTM is there to support that relationship whatever way it can. For those members that don’t have a PCP (statistics estimate that almost 50% of Americans don’t have a PCP, our goal to earn the member’s trust and provide these services directly). 

How does BowTie compliment my Sedera membership?

Combining BowTie’s virtual care with a Sedera membership produces comprehensive and cost-effective health care solution. BowTie is here for you primary and common specialty needs, while the Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Community provides support during major medical events like surgeries or hospitalizations. 

Why is Sedera partnering with BowTie?

Sedera is introducing members to BowTie because we have been able to demonstrate that with access to BowTie’s doctors, nurses and Guardians, Sedera members achieve better health outcomes and lower their overall cost of care.

Do I need to do anything to take advantage of this offer?

To take advantage of this offer you must register with BowTie Medical. A link to the registration form can be found at

How does the billing work with this offer? Will I see a change in my monthly contribution?

For legal and administrative reasons, you will be charged by both Sedera and BowTie Medical, but the combination of the two bills will not exceed your current monthly contribution. For example, your current Sedera monthly contribution might be $350, but with this program your new monthly Sedera monthly contribution could be $300 and your BowTie membership would be $50 per month. 

Is Teladoc the same thing as MDLive?

Although both services provide 24/7 acute telehealth services, there are a few compelling reasons why BowTie Medical uses MDLive. Most importantly, MDLive offers members mental health and behavioral coaching services. As a member you can schedule sessions with licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists at discounted rates. Another benefit of using MDLive is their close working relationship with BowTie’s care teams. BowTie receives reports from MDLive when interacts with our members, so BowTie can update medical charts and provide any necessary follow up. 

Do I need to register with MDLive?

Yes, as part of your BowTie on-boarding activities, you will soon receive your user-name and temporary password from BowTie. If you need that re-sent, please call us 877-6BowTie (877-626-9843) or send us an email to

When I take advantage of this offer will I see any changes with my Sedera membership?

Other than activating this additional MDLive account, there are no changes to how your Sedera membership works.

What is Sedera’s Expert Second Opinion (ESO Program) and is it still required if I join BowTie Medical?

Yes, the Sedera Sharing Guidelines around the ESO remain in effect for Sedera members that join BTM. The ESO is a consultation with a medical expert, other than the patient’s current doctor, in order to confirm the diagnosis/treatment plan or gain new perspective on available treatment alternatives prior to undergoing elective/non-emergency surgeries. Please see the applicable Sedera Sharing Guidelines or call Sedera Member Services for more details on the ESO Program.

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