Health Guardianship for Every Employee

A personal relationship with a doctor used to be the foundation of our healthcare system. Today, over 74% of US physicians are employed by hospitals. This connection drives hidden referral quotas and clinical volume goals, all of which impact the time and quality of care a patient receives. BowTie is on a mission to restore the personal connection every member has with their Health Guardianship team.

Instead of the impersonal and hurried experience many have with a physician, every BowTie member receives unlimited personal care.

Unlimited Personalized Care at Your Fingertips

Integrated care that combines the best primary, urgent and specialty care with concierge-level guidance to ensure each employee gets the most from their healthcare journey.

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Ongoing Support

Health Guardianship extends far beyond a virtual meeting. We’ll assist members during every phase of their care journey.



Healthcare is a dialogue. Members are encouraged to stop self-diagnosing and talk to their Health Guardianship team about their needs. They’ll have a real, unhurried conversation.


Price Shopping

Members can confidently lower out-of-pocket costs by having the Health Guardian team search the market for cost savings.



We present members with care options and confirm coverage with doctors. Once a decision is made, we’ll even schedule the appointment.


Second Opinions

Members can make more informed decisions, and regain control of their health journey with direct access to a network of specialists to review and advise care plans.


Billing Questions

The Health Guardianship team is here to answer any questions members may have through the course of their journey. We’ll review bills and ensure there are no issues.


Care Journey
Reminders and

Proactive outreach to keep
members engaged in their health.

The Power of Health Guardianship Onsite

One of the most effective ways to accelerate engagement and empower members to leverage their health coverage is to establish regular onsite care days through BowTie. Members can schedule visits and have their questions answered without needing to leave work.

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The BowTie Health Guardianship Captive

Merge the payer and provider interests through a Health Guardianship-centric health plan

Health Guardianship guides the structure of your health plan from day one. Claims trends, top health risks, and even prescription drug utilization are used to influence group and individual-level care plans. Employers finally have access to an insurance option that protects employees from medically unnecessary procedures and waste and ensures the best care is always the covered option.


Group-level strategy for claims, health risks and Rx utilization


Right care, right place, right price navigation for every employee


Employee engagement and health trend reporting


Patient-focused claims admin, PBM and stop-loss coverage


Open access to any hospital or specialist 


Individualized care plans based on individual health risks

Guarding Employee Health

Health Guardianship review of group-level health risks, stratified to empower both prevention and treatment


Personal care plans developed for the top modifiable health risks identified


Ongoing Health Guardian outreach and dialogue with members to guide and support 

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