BowTie Medical’s BowTie Care Membership Program


BowTie Medical’s BowTie Care Membership Program

BowTie Medical offers the most innovative and comprehensive Primary care membership programs in northeast Ohio – We call it ‘BowTie Care’.

With a membership in our BowTie Care Program, you will receive: Unlimited Comprehensive Primary Care Services, Plus 24/7 TeleMedicine, Plus free procedures, Plus free base labs, Plus Homeopathy, Plus Advice on How to get the best prices for labs, X-Rays and other Medical Services.

With our clinical based membership model, you pay a modest monthly fee which gives you access to all our services (see below). Membership also gives you 24 / 7 coverage of our TeleHealth Services.

BowTie Care is a Holistic approach where we offer Homeopathy, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, wellness programs, health coaching, telemedicine, nutrition, (medical spend advisory) and our ‘Smart-Health’ Optimal Wellness plan. BowTie Care gives you your own personal Member Care Coordinator to help you along your road to optimal health and lower costs. No other Primary Care facility offers this much integrative care.

Our BowTie Care model creates a partnership between you, our medical staff, and our advisory team to keep you healthy and save you money. We listen, advise, educate and provide care. We work together to create a ‘plan’ for your optimal health and decreasing your medical spend.

Under BowTie Care, we have brought together all the services that help you:

  • Stay healthy (wellness, coaching, acute care, preventive care, primary care)
  • Reduce your burden of getting care (unlimited access, 24 / 7 Telehealth and no co-pay)
  • Reduce your cost of getting other unnecessary medical services

BowTie Care Means Time for You.

A traditional primary care doctor’s office has you sitting for a long time – maybe for hours, and then ‘whoosh!’, the doctor rushes in, and sees you for 5 to 7 minutes and then ‘whoosh!’- the doctor’s gone out the door and ships you off to a specialist in another part of the city.

That’s NOT how it works with us.

With our BowTie Care membership model, you will rarely wait for a scheduled appointment, and you have as much time as you need with us, and as much time as WE need with you to cover everything.

Membership Fees

  • $99 Single
  • $149 Couple
  • $199 Household (up to 5 then $30 for every extra member)
    One-time Enrollment Fee of $50 for single, $75 for couple or family.

Co-Pays and Insurance

With our BowTie Care program, there are no co-pays or trying to figure out what your insurance will or will not cover. With our BowTie Care membership, all visits are covered in the monthly membership fee and insurance is not billed. However, if you have insurance and need help in figuring that out, then our Member Care Coordinator will navigate you through the insurance jungle.

We would love to have you as a member.
To join, please call 440-252-1986 today!

See Terms and Conditions for membership. Payments made monthly via ACA or automatic credit card payment.