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What is BowTie Whole Health?


We are a comprehensive, Person Centered, Primary Care practice. The BowTie Whole Health Program is a membership based, full-scope, essential, medical partnering wellness and financial accountability program. It is totally unique and extremely innovative. We are on the forefront of a medical movement!


The focus and goal is singular: To make you healthier and to save you money! We are driven to put the control of healthcare, and its expensive costs, back into your hands so that you are healthier and your medical costs go down. Our model pays you to stay healthy!

The BowTie Whole Health program uses the innovative services of the BowTie Medical membership program and combines it with the philosophy and tremendous affordability and cost savings of a Health Sharing community. Health Sharing is not insurance and has none of the constraints of insurance; nor does it have the inefficient cost ballooning of insurance or Obamacare.

That is why this is much less expensive for you and why we use it as our financial model for your healthcare.

BowTie Whole Health is a new program and provides a very self-directed, wholistic form of medical care where you are in a partnership with your BowTie Provider – but you can continue to use your own doctor if you choose.

Our model demands you actively care about yourself, your country, and your fellow members.

BowTie Medical believe that you, the individual, have the constitutional, ethical and religious right to be in control of your health choices and your spending for those health choices.

CLICK HERE to listen to a radio interview with the executive director of Liberty Health Share and BowTie Whole Health.’

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