Take control of healthcare expenses

Self-funded health plans enable employers to take control of their healthcare spending. But without an intentional approach to eliminating harmful waste from the healthcare system, traditional self-funding strategies only get you so far. That’s where BowTie Health GuardianshipTM comes in. We’re on a mission to protect you and your healthcare benefits.


Average Savings in Your Variable Costs

Hiding inside your claims costs are services tied to healthcare waste and unnecessary care that self-funding plans alone won’t address. Health Guardianship identifies and proactively addresses the many ways the sick care system increases your costs.

Variable Claims Cost


Consolidated Appropriations Act Compliant

With the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) of 2021, it’s more important than ever that employers who provide healthcare to their employees have visibility and control over their healthcare spend.

We integrate all care with the member experience

And it starts with direct primary care

With BowTie Health Guardianship, you provide employees with high-quality primary care 24/7 and a complete care solution that includes common specialty care, mental health counselors, health coaches and nutrition coaches. All in one monthly fee.

What is a "Health Guardian"?

Each employee and their family have a personal health concierge, known as a BowTie Health Guardian, serving as a comprehensive resource for all healthcare needs. Whether it’s about claims, billing, physician access, appointment scheduling or price comparisons, our licensed Health Guardians can address all needs through a single phone number.


Guardianship where you need it most to deliver care faster

Health Guardianship puts an emphasis on the primary care relationship and timely access to care. When employees have a question about their health, they want to get an answer quickly, not wait days or even weeks to see their physician.

24/7 Virtual Care

Participants have unlimited access to their Health Guardianship team via phone call, video, text and in-app messaging, plus 24/7 Tele-Urgent Care.

  • Primary Care: acute and chronic illnesses, allergies, pediatric care and more
  • Care Coordination and Appointment Scheduling
  • Price Shopping
  • Individual Prescription Regimen Review
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Health Coaching
  • Chronic Disease Management: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and heart disease and more.
  • Personalized Follow-up Care: for all appointments and medical procedures
  • Medical Bill Review and Management
Onsite Care*

Members can meet with a Health Guardian, receive care and get questions answered, all without leaving work.

  • Annual Checkups and Work-Related
  • Physicals
  • Prescription Refills
  • Health Assessments
  • Preventive Wellness Screenings
  • Health Coaching and Nutrition
  • Test Result Reviews
  • Wound Care
  • Flu Shots and Vaccinations
  • Blood Draws

       *Additional fees may apply

Pay less for care and have more choices

Health plans use networks as a means of negotiating rates, but this only restricts patient access and frustrates members.

Meanwhile, costs continue to rise and 38% of Americans now say they have deferred care as a result. When people do access care, the network trains them to choose specific doctors just because they are in-network, not because they deliver the best service.

$0 Out-Of-Pocket Deductible

If you empower employees with choice, they’ll partner with the health plan to reduce costs. That’s why we designed our plans with guardrails that steer behavior by rewarding employees with $0 out-of-pocket costs by simply working with their Health Guardian first. When members no longer worry about the impact on their budget, they are free to access needed care.

Cash Pay

BowTie leverages a combination of traditional networks with an innovative cash-pay model that allows members to go where they want for care. We collaborate with providers to pre-negotiate costs and provide members with prepaid debit cards and vouchers to streamline the payment process. Healthcare providers accept deeper discounts when they are paid at the time of service. Members have more freedom to choose, employers save money and service providers get paid on time.

Sleep Study

Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 54%

Labor + Delivery

Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 62%

Knee Replacement

Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 43%


Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 72%

If your organization uses a health-sharing model, Health Guardianship could be the perfect complement.  Learn More  


Actionable insights that guard every element of the health plan

The BowTie Health Guardian team ingests medical & Rx claims, health assessments, and biometric results to create a Red/Yellow/Green Risk profile for each member. We develop risk reduction strategies that benefit the entire organization, including your high- and medium-risk members, using customizable care journeys to engage them in improving their health. 

Proactive outreach to improve health

Unlike most care delivery-models, Health Guardianship isn’t waiting to respond to member calls, texts and scheduled appointments. Using our risk model, we proactively outreach to those in your population who need the most support and protection from the “sick care” system. We actively engage with members and create a care experience that raises the bar for everyone.


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See the impact BowTie Health Guardianship can make in the lives of your employees and their families. We offer a free 90-day trial that let’s decision makers experience Health Guardianship firsthand.