It starts with a philosophy:

People should be in charge of their own healthcare

Health plans and systems are confusing and difficult to navigate, making it hard for members to stay in control. BowTie Health GuardianshipTM simplifies the complex by offering a single point of contact for all healthcare needs including physician visits, billing questions, appointment scheduling, and second opinions. Health Guardianship puts members back in control.


Health Guardianship is more than efficient and effective care. It’s about guiding and protecting members as they access care at any level.


It begins with Direct Primary Care

BowTie Health Guardianship™ integrates direct primary care (DPC), concierge navigation and tele-urgent care services into one care team responsible for providing complete care while reducing unnecessary, wasteful care and cost.

Bowtie Health Guardians Handle More Than 90% of All Care Needs

Health Guardianship is a comprehensive healthcare delivery approach that places the primary care physician at the center of a team that includes specialists, nurses, mental health counselors, health coaches and nutrition coaches. Health Guardianship enables our members to address their physical, emotional, and psychological needs through one integrated approach.

Our devoted team of Health Guardians help members navigate their healthcare journey by researching high-quality care options providing recommendations, scheduling appointments, and protecting against billing errors.


Your 5 questions should get you 5 answers, not 5 different appointments

Whether you require a detailed conversation to address various health concerns or a brief call for prescription refills, the physicians at BowTie will invest the time to ensure you feel at ease knowing that your health concerns are being addressed.

Our solution is more than convenience. It’s about transforming all aspects of care to meet a member’s needs.

65% of U.S. Adults Say That the Process of Managing Healthcare Is Overwhelming and Time Consuming

Our approach proactively addresses overwhelming and time-consuming care issues such as the lack of price transparency, complex billing processes, challenges with network access, and locating quality physicians. With Health Guardianship, members receive uncomplicated, streamlined care.

Why pay more for healthcare?

Health plans use networks as a means of negotiating rates, but this only restricts patient access and frustrates members.

Meanwhile, costs continue to rise and 38% of Americans now say they have deferred care as a result. When people do access care, the network trains them to choose specific doctors just because they are in-network, not because they deliver the best service.

$0 Out-Of-Pocket Deductible

If you empower employees with choice, they’ll partner with the health plan to reduce costs. That’s why we designed our plans with guardrails that steer behavior by rewarding employees with $0 out-of-pocket costs by simply working with their Health Guardian first. When members no longer worry about the impact on their budget, they are free to access needed care.

Cash Pay

BowTie leverages a combination of traditional networks with an innovative cash-pay model that allows members to go where they want for care. We collaborate with providers to pre-negotiate costs and provide members with prepaid debit cards and vouchers to streamline the payment process. Healthcare providers accept deeper discounts when they are paid at the time of service. Members have more freedom to choose, employers save money and service providers get paid on time.

Sleep Study

Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 54%

Labor + Delivery

Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 62%

Knee Replacement

Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 43%


Cash Pay
Circle Arrow Down 72%

Solutions to meet your needs

Whether you need a standalone solution, an add-on to an existing self-funded care stack, or a complete self-funded health plan, BowTie Health GuardianshipTM is a powerful ally.

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Health Guardianship as the “Waste Elimination Engine”

Bring the power of our physician-level insights into your existing care stack and start actively reducing waste and unnecessary care hiding inside your health plan.

  • Unnecessary emergency room utilization
  • Excessive Rx prescribing
  • Unreasonable facility fees inside health systems
  • Expensive imaging
  • Unnecessary inpatient and outpatient services
  • Low-quality specialists
  • Inconvenient administrative issues such as unnecessary upcoding and duplicate billings

Self-Funded Solution
with Health Guardianship

BowTie’s self-funded solution provides employers with a full health plan and health guardianship at every level.

Everything you get with our Waste Elimination Solution PLUS:

  • Claims Processing
  • Analytics
  • Prior Authorization
  • PBM Solutions
  • Stop-Loss Coverage
  • Health Guardianship Risk Sharing Captive

Experience our
90-day trial

See the impact BowTie Health Guardianship can make in the lives of your employees and their families. We offer a free 90-day trial that let’s decision makers experience Health Guardianship firsthand.

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