Your health plan needs Health Guardianship

You should be in control of your own healthcare. You need a team that delivers high-quality care and guards you from the unnecessary care being prescribed in the current “sick care” system.

That’s the power of Health Guardianship.


10+ years guarding more than 70,000 members from the waste, harm and high costs associated with medical services that don’t improve your health.

Healthcare in the U.S. is dysfunctional

Primary care has become less about delivering care and more about referring you into the arms of hospital-employed specialists. While this shift claims to be in your best interest, you now experience less time with your doctors, longer wait times, higher costs and unnecessary procedures.

That’s not okay.

We identified the misalignments in healthcare that drive waste and inflate costs
We reverse them through Health Guardianship


of Doctors are Now Employed by Hospitals

These doctors are incentivized to refer you to a specialist within their system. BowTie physicians deliver primary care independently of the system, with a focus on effectively solving your healthcare problems in a timely manner.


of Healthcare Expenses are Wasteful

This waste is paid for primarily by employers and employees. Health Guardianship avoids expensive, unnecessary specialty care and helps you find the best quality, most convenient, fairest-price care when needed.


of Employees are on High Deductible Health Plans

This leads more people to delay or avoid needed care. Health Guardianship makes it easy to get care and puts you in control of how much you want to spend with our variable-deductible plan design. Most major care will cost $0 when you allow your Health Guardian team to work for you.

These misalignments drive more than costs.
They cause hidden HARM for individuals.


Hospital-First Mindset

This “more is better” approach costs $101 billion annually in medically unnecessary and low-value care.


Administrative Complexity

The average wait time for all specialties is now 26+ days - even for simple conversations with a doctor. Meanwhile, errors and fraudulent billing throw people further into debt.



Health risks associated with treatments are often not fully laid out. Care tends to focus only on treating disease and not reducing the risks that lead to disease and health events.


Mismanaged Care

Poor care coordination can cause critical things like long-term Rx interactions, adverse events, follow-up care, emotional health and more to be overlooked.

Health Guardianship ties together your entire experience 

Health Guardianship delivers your total  care needs, including finding the best-quality specialists when needed.



Every step of an employee’s healthcare journey requires concierge Slash supportGuardian

Unlimited Access to Primary Care

Unlimited Access to Common Specialty Care

Prescription Drug Evaluation and Recommendations

Price Shopping for Care Options and Prescription Drugs

Protection from Overcharging and Billing Errors

Personalized Follow Up for Appointments and Services

Open Enrollment and Plan Selection Guidance

Individualized Care Plans Based on Risks

Appointments With a Doctor Anywhere, Anytime

Routine and Annual Checkups

Unlimited 24/7 Tele-Urgent Care Services

Chronic Disease Management

Access to a Health Coach and Nutritionist

Mental Health Counseling

Personalized Care Navigation to Guide Healthcare Journey

Onsite Health Guardianship

Members can meet with a Health Guardian without leaving work.

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Plans designed to protect against waste and HARM

BowTie’s team collaborates with employers to financially reward members with $0 out-of-pocket costs.

Rather than unintentionally steering people away from care due to ever higher deductibles, our physician-led plans make meeting a deductible a thing of the past. With Health Guardianship, members have the power to choose the best quality care options at no cost.

Now that’s a plan design that truly works for everyone.


All of this for $0. 

Members who partner with a Health Guardian have access to these services at no cost.



In-Person PCP Office Visit
In-Person Routine OB/GYN Office Visit
In-Person Specialist Office Visit
Mental Health Care
Urgent Care Clinic Visit
Outpatient Surgery
Inpatient Hospital Stay
Labs and Imaging
Physical/Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
In-Home Care
Skilled Nursing
Hospice at Home
Chiropractic Services

"I was planning on heading out of town and needed to see a doctor. I thought my only option was urgent care, but when I called my Health Guardian, they connected me to a BowTie physician right away. I got the care I needed for $0 out-of-pocket."


Chronic conditions are preventable. Why not prevent them?

Health Guardians proactively outreach to all members to review previous claims. Our approach focuses on preventive care, early detection and education, aiming to improve overall health outcomes and foster a stronger patient-doctor relationship.

We built these specific plans because they focus on managing the modifiable conditions that are driving the majority of preventable claims.

Members also receive unlimited 360-degree support to answer questions, price-shop prescription drugs, explore care alternatives and reduce overall family healthcare expenses.


Real people. Real stories.

We’re making a difference - one story at a time.

testimonial Tony

I wanted access to the best-rated surgeon for my daughter who required a specialized procedure. Health Guardians swiftly identified the top nationwide surgeon and a well-renowned local specialist. I chose the out-of-state physician. With the help of an innovative cash pay solution, the Health Guardian team secured an appointment, waived the sizable deductible and copay. My daughter received the care she needed, and my company saved over $50,000 on the surgery.

Tony, BowTie Member


I needed an upper endoscopy procedure and was quoted $6,400. With the help of the Health Guardianship team and their partnership with ColonoscopyAssist, my procedure with my preferred location and provider was reduced to $1,800.

Susan, BowTie Member


My physician wanted me to have a common elective procedure at the hospital where they worked. My Health Guardian physician reached out directly to my specialist, who was unaware of the exorbitant price, and offered to change the procedure to a more convenient location while reducing costs.

Beth, BowTie Member


I met with my BowTie physician who reviewed my history of chronic care issues, including past imaging scans. The physician identified a potentially serious health concern that had not been followed up with me by my specialist. Within 48 hours, the BowTie physician developed an action plan, reviewed his recommendations with a specialist, and put a care plan in place for me. This saved weeks of waiting for the me and proactively addressed a potentially serious issue.

Mark, BowTie Member