Improve Your Health

We give you tools to improve your health and decrease costs by transferring control away from doctors and hospitals and transfer it back into your own hands.

Control Your Care

We treat you not as a patient, but as a customer. The control is transferred from your doctor to you. If you want something, we will get it as soon as possible.

Save Your Money

We help you save money by keeping you healthy to avoid the ER, reducing out of pocket payment, and lowering medical treatments for other services.


Value Based, Customer Centered Approach

BowTie Medical was formed in 2014 under the premise that the healthcare system in the U.S. is broken.
It's broken because it's based upon a Hospital Controlled Delivery System where the financial targets of the institution are the priorities, not your physical or financial well being. No one is rewarded for keeping you healthy. This is wrong.
We formed BowTie Medical around a Value-Based, Customer-Centered Approach. At BowTie Medical, there are no patients – only members. Our philosophy saves money and makes you healthy.

For Individuals

With decades of experience in healthcare, we created a model approach that places you at the top of your own healthcare. We help you achieve three goals: Improving Your Health, Controlling Your Care, and Saving Your Money.

For Employers

With extensive experience in healthcare, we created an employer-tailored approach so you can focus on running your business. Our approach improves your employees’ health, saving you money on healthcare costs.

Advisory Services

The current health (sick) care system benefits from waste and unnecessary medical services, as they get paid for whatever they do, whether that leads to person’s better health outcomes or not. So, we have set out to change the current, ‘Sick-care system’ to a ‘Value-based, Customer-centered Healthcare System’ at BowTie Medical.
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Member Advisory
Our advisors take calls to advise the individual members on medical advice and support for medical and non-medical issues
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Save Money
With BowTie Medical Advisory Services, both the employers and our members save money from an health care ecosystem of services.
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Wellness Programs
The Wellness Program assigns a life coach and then works with the member to find the right specialists to help the member become healthier!
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Health Sharing
A health care sharing is an organization that facilitates sharing of health care expenses among individual member who want to keep themselves healthy and reduce the cost of their community.

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