Unlimited, Personalized, Healthcare for Everyone

BowTie’s pioneering approach to healthcare delivery gives members access to an integrated Health Guardianship team, providing proactive care, navigating alternative treatments, scheduling appointments, price shopping and more to guard employee health and avoid unnecessary costs. 

The Power of Health Guardianship

Integrated virtual care that focuses on prevention, reduction of health risks and support for each employee’s care journey.

Doctor Visits on Your Schedule 

Members don’t have to wait for the care they need. They have access to their personal doctor 8am - 8pm as well as 24/7 access to virtual urgent care. 

Healthcare Navigation 

Each employee has an advocate that partners with them on their healthcare journey, scheduling appointments, price shopping, answering healthcare questions and so much more.

One-Size-Fits-One Well-Being 

Instead of a one-size-fits-all wellness program, each employee receives a personalized care plan and proactive support based on their individual health risks.

Unhurried Conversations 

Healthcare is a dialogue. Members are encouraged to talk to their Health Guardianship team about their needs, and have a real, unhurried conversation.

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The BowTie Health Guardianship Captive

BowTie integrates Health Guardianship into the administration of our self-insured captive, ensuring the best care is always the available (and covered) course of action for every employee. 

So Much More Than Primary Care

We’ve converted traditional primary care services to Health Guardianship to meet our goal of eliminating medical events and the unnecessary care and costs that comes with them. 

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