Your health starts with our Triple Aim Guarantee. Through our Virtual Primary Care (VPC) service we improve your health, put you in control of your care and save your money.

Improve Your Health

Your care team includes doctors, nurses and advisors. They will work with you to understand your health, develop your healthy road map and then implement your personalized health program.

Control Your Care

The team is available 24/7 by phone, web/portals, smart phone or tablet. VPC provides you access for general health and wellness issues, as well as acute care and chronic disease management.

Save Your Money

Broader access to the care team leads to better health outcomes and fewer visits to ER and Urgent Care. Our advisors work to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and minimize the cost of those necessary prescriptions, medical care and services.


Virtual Primary Care

BowTie generates system-level cost savings for individuals and employers through the Virtual Primary Care (VPC) service.
VPC allows BowTie to cultivate meaningful relationships with our members that leads to broader access to care and better health outcomes than traditional plans.
Virtual Primary Care gives you 24/7 access to your personal care team made of doctors, nurses and health advisors. It helps you improve your health, control your care, and reduce your medical expenses.

For Individuals

With decades of experience in healthcare, we created a model approach that places you at the top of your own healthcare. We help you achieve three goals: Improving Your Health, Controlling Your Care, and Saving Your Money.

For Employers

With extensive experience in healthcare, we created an employer-tailored approach so you can focus on running your business. Our approach improves your employees’ health, saving you money on healthcare costs.

Your Primary Care Team

Your VPC care team will work with you to understand your health, develop your healthy road map and then implement your personalized health program. BTM is here for you when you need us most, but we are also here to help you live a healthier lifestyle.
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Member Advisory
Our advisors take calls to advise the individual members on medical advice and support for medical and non-medical issues
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Save Money
With BowTie Medical Advisory Services, both the employers and our members save money from an health care ecosystem of services.
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Wellness Programs
The Wellness Program assigns a life coach and then works with the member to find the right specialists to help the member become healthier!
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Health Sharing
A health care sharing is an organization that facilitates sharing of health care expenses among individual member who want to keep themselves healthy and reduce the cost of their community.

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