Health Guardianship for every employee

For people to truly control their care, they need an advocate in their corner. A team that can deliver immediate care whenever and wherever it’s needed, and who knows how to steer members away from the cost, harm and headaches caused by medically unnecessary care and waste.

Health Guardianship for every employee.

Our model integrates more care at the primary care level and empowers the same team to support members at every step of their journey

It’s a shift that:

  • Creates more quality time between patients and physicians. 
  • Unites care professionals and care navigators into one seamless team. 
  • Eliminates painful waiting and specialty referral delays that have become the norm in U.S. healthcare. 
  • Emphasizes preventive care.

Bringing risk reduction to
healthcare using a classic bowtie risk model

The current healthcare system is designed to maximize profits after our health events, with little focus on prevention, cost, or risk reduction.

Bowtie risk models are used in industries all over the world to identify and reduce the potential causes that lead to a negative event (the knot in the middle). BowTie's goal is to apply this to healthcare and establish care processes that either prevent negative healthcare events or minimize the impact of them.

Health Guardianship brings a philosophy of attacking waste, reducing risks, and eliminating chronic conditions to healthcare and delivers it through an integrated care experience led by our Health Guardian Care Team of primary care physicians, specialists, nurses, coaches, and counselors.
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Dr. Firouz Daneshgari
Founder + CEO

Lead surgeon turned whistle-blower

Our founder, Dr. Firouz Daneshgari, worked for 30 years inside health systems seeing firsthand how care decisions were made based on the financial interests of hospitals and not the patients’.

From founding the first fellowship program in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at Cleveland Clinic to the Urology Institute at University Hospitals of Cleveland, he saw how these misaligned incentives drive costs and negatively impact health outcomes.

Because most Americans and even physicians are completely unaware of these impacts, it’s impossible for anyone to truly solve increasing healthcare costs without addressing the foundational issues at play in most health plans. 

BowTie was founded in 2014 with a mission to guard patients through an integrated team trained to provide care, offer guidance, and empower them to fight against the waste and harm of the broken US “sick care” system.  

Each step of our evolution has been with that goal in mind.

How we’ve


Launched scalable, mobile-first platform


Dr. Firouz Daneshgari released Health Guardianship: The Remedy to the Sick Care System


Launched with 3 direct primary care (DPC) centers in Cleveland, OH.


Began BowTie Health Guardianship™ for a large health-sharing populations.

  • Delivery of Health Guardianship for over 75,000 health-sharing members across 30+ states. 


COVID-19 Pandemic rapid response testing and personalized Health Guardianship care.

  • 3,000 individuals/day across 6 sites 
  • Onsite testing for major employers
  • Largest independent testing program in Ohio


Integrated Health Guardianship into employer health plans.

  • Delivering care in 35 states 


Launched Health Guardianship self-funded captive.


Introduced onsite Health Guardianship for employers. 

Experience healthcare how it should be